A show of hands for the churches do SOMETHING on Father’s Day.  If you raised your hand my applause, if you didn’t no worries I have some ideas for you (side note…. according to this story Father’s Day was started by some local churches).  Last year, I did a post about backdrops for Mother’s Day and let me say I found it rather easy to find cute, pretty and fun backdrops for the moms.  For the dads…. well let’s just say I had to get a little more creative.  So here are some examples of some creative backdrops for Father’s Day.

The Tie Backdrop

When coming up with a list of backdrops the first one on my list was something to do with ties.  It seems to be the “go to” in gift giving for the occasion.  Not to mention that every 4 and 5 year old has probably made that paper neck tie at church on Father’s Day… you know what I am talking about.

Anyway, here are a couple of inspirational ideas that you could incorporate into a backdrop using ties.  The first is obviously not neck ties but I think you could use this same principle with different ties hung at different lengths (cue a visit to the local Goodwill or visit dad’s closet) because you are going to need a few.  The other reminds me of how the ties might be displayed in a department store.  The grid pattern would be pretty impressive.

The Chalkboard Backdrop

If you have some plywood lying put a few together, paint it with some chalkboard paint and make sure you ‘season or prep’ the chalkboard.  Once those things are done, it is best to find a skilled artist to create some pictures, words or scripture that will work well as your backdrop.  During one of our past SALT conferences we used chalkboards for our workshop backdrops and had someone draw icons to represent the different areas tracks. The bowtie represented our leadership track.

The Outdoorsy Backdrop
Here are a couple of ideas that use greenery for a more natural backdrop.  The first image would take some work but if you can justify the work by using it for other promotions then DO IT!  The faux boxwood hedge in the back is a great detail and could be used for other promotions, like Mother’s Day or Easter.  Amazon sells it in panels but you could also grab some artificial grass turf which could work too.
Another option would be to take that same greenery backdrop and find some amazing leather chairs, add a Happy Father’s Day sign and make a very simple backdrop.  Here is a picture (not a great one) from Orange Conference last year that is similar in nature.
The Car Backdrop

I love this one! This backdrop could be used so many ways, but the idea came from a church that had a car show on Father’s Day.  This photo uses a vintage Volkswagon van but I think a vintage muscle car would be great for Father’s Day (and it won’t be quite so wedding-ish).  Anyone have a 1966 Shelby or a 1965 corvette?

The Simple Wood Wall
Of course, and just like the Mother’s Day backdrop post, I couldn’t do this list without using some old barn wood or breaking apart a few pallets.  The first example is a simple wood backdrop.  However, what makes this pop is the added eclectic couch and the wood slat flooring.  Add the simple flag banner that says Happy Father’s Day and you have a great photo op.
Another option (and a trend right now) is to go with a painted black wall.  Of course I would lose the flowers and the pink-ish chair but I would keep the string of lights (even though I wouldn’t turn them on) add a leather chair and in place of the flower display put a cut out sign that signals “Father’s Day”.
The Vintage-y Wall
If you want to take the wood wall concept up a notch I would suggest going with a vintage vibe.  Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes or those old-time photo places they have in Gatlinburg or Branson.  I like the green chair because it add the pop of color but I think an old leather chair could be a nice touch.  Adding the vintage elements like the suitcases, the typewriter, some old books would create some layering that would look nice. Oh, and don’t forget the signage!
My last thought on this would be to go with props.  Dads are usual the resident wrestling partner, the football throwers, and the jam session members.  They are fun, so this could be a fun thing for dads that have a younger crew.  So maybe it is a simple white or black backdrop and you just add props.  There are so many bundles available.
I honestly hope this helps.  There are few other mediums you could use but I felt these were more readily available and practical. Enjoy creating!

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