the book on leading creatives - Fired Up Kindling and Keeping the Spark in Creative Teams

Become More Effective at Leading Creatives

Creative people live in a place of innovation and forward thinking ideas.  They thrive off of finding new ways to do and create things.  However, creative people also struggle with focus and time.  So the question is how does a leader, lead a creative well?


Fired Up isn’t a book on leadership or becoming more creative.  It’s a book geared to those who lead creative people.

A creative person is valuable to any organization because they can visualize an outcome and they are incredibly intuitive.  As a leader of a creative team your job is to maximize their effectiveness without hindering their art.  Help them find margin in their schedule so they can enjoy creating more.

  • Increasing the effectiveness of your team
  • Learning the differences between Doer and Leader
  • Providing creatives with reason and purpose
  • Focus on collaboration rather than competition
  • And help them find the margin to maximize their creative efforts

Fired Up will soon become your go-to guide as you transform your team into a powerful creative force, reaching new and exciting levels of success.

Andrew Johnston Book - Oxygen Book

Oxygen lets a fire breathe. This first section of the book helps leaders put wind in people’s sails and provide the physical and conceptual space they need to create.

Andrew Johnston Book - Fuel Icon

Fuel feeds a fire. The second section helps leaders stoke the flames and keep their teams from burning up or burning out in the consuming process of creation.

Heat Icon for Andrew Johnston Book

Heat ignites a fire. The final section helps leaders turn possibilities into reality by turning up the heat on motivation, quality, and direction.

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About The Author

Dr. Andrew Johnston has made a life of leading teams and developing the people in them. Leaders turn to him for counsel and encouragement, and organizations rely on his consultation and coaching because Dr J strengthens them and helps them advance in the corporate, non-profit, and church worlds.

Fired Up isn’t just written as theory, but tried and true principles of working with creative teams, and those who manage creative team members, by helping them become a more effective at leading creatives. You’ll soon see why so many call on his expertise as you begin reading this incredible book. Click here to learn more about Dr. Andrew Johnston.

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