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SALT19 Pre-Conference Labs

At SALT Conference, we work hard to create an environment where you can increase your skillset at a fraction of the cost that it would take to bring in an outside teacher. But some topics take more than a 1-hour workshop. This is why we created the SALT PRe-Conference Lab.

The day SALT19 Conference begins, we’ll offer four distinct, and in-depth learning opportunities, for those who want to go deeper in the best learning environment of the conference: 

Tickets are $99/person.
Space is limited.

SALT19 Pre-Conference | The best learning environment at SALT

“The pre-conference lab at SALT Conference had a huge impact on my as a developing leader. Really changed how I am approaching my team.”


Christine Kreisher - SALT19 Speaker

Christine Kreisher

Dr Andrew Johnston - SALT19 Speaker

Dr. Andrew Johnston

Option 1: Leading Volunteers


Christine Kreisher & Dr. Andrew Johnston

We all know that volunteers are the lifeblood of any church but finding great volunteers can be a challenge for any church.  Join volunteer expert Christine Kreisher and leadership expert Andrew Johnston as they help you learn how to recruit volunteers that are loyal, develop leaders within your volunteer teams and help your volunteers find their place within your church.

Tickets for this class will be limited to 80 spots.

Darrel Girardier - SALT19 Speaker

Darrel Girardier

Lindsey Baker Allred - SALT19 Speaker

Lindsey Baker Allred

Morgan Comer - SALT19 Speaker

Morgan Comer

Alex Comer - SALT19 Speaker

Alex Lyons

Option 2: Creating an Online Church Community

Darrel Girardier & The Brentwood Baptist Communications Team

The internet has changed the way the church serves its congregation. More than likely the visitors at your church found you online….first!  This class was designed to help your church build a communications strategy that will serve your community and allow for an immersive internet experience.  Join Darrel Girardier as he leads this class and helps you develop strategies and processes for your churches social media, advertising, website and email platforms.

Tickets for this class will be limited to 80 spots.


Option 3: Worship Leader Bootcamp

Worship Leaders, Musicians
Michael Farren (Grammy Nonimated, Worship Leader)

The ultimate goal of a worship leader is to draw the congregation into an attitude of worship, but that is the end result.  There are so many things that have to happen to create the environment and that is why this class was created.  From recruiting and growing your worship team to implementing new songs, this class will cover all areas the worship leader deals with in a week.

Tickets for this class will be limited to 80 spots.

PRe-Conference Lab - Audio

Option 4: I Like The Sound Of That

Audio/Sound, Worship, Tech Teams
Doug Gould (Pro-Audio Instructor)

This intensive will give you hands on experience in setting up a great sound system. Through this three-hour lab we’ll cover a myriad of topics including the foundation of a great sound technician: the heart, Getting inputs right, Cables, DI Boxes, Adapters, Microphones, The bus, EQ, Processors and more! This will be a great class for those who know audio, and anyone who is new as well. Doug has a gift for teaching in a very “non-techie” manner.

Tickets for this class will be limited to 40 spots.


“SALT Conference – so many practical skills, while being inspired made for a great 3 days. I can’t recommend the pre-conference labs enough!”


SALT19 Pre-Conference FAQ’s

1. Are tickets to SALT19 Pre-Conference included in the main conference registration? 

Unfortunately they require an additional registration. Our desire is to provide the highest quality classes, and we can only do this with an additional charge to cover the costs of our faculty, usage of the space and staffing to provide a world-class experience.

2. Are tickets to SALT19 Pre-Conference refundable? 

No. All SALT19 tickets are final and cannot be returned. However, we are happy to help you transfer your ticket to someone else on your team, or another organization if you are able to sell it on your own.

3. When will the pre-con take place?

The SALT19 Pre-con will take place Wednesday October 9th from 1pm to 4pm.

4. Can I change which pre-conference I want to attend, after I register? 

Yes! However, we ask that you let us know anytime before we are 14 days out from Conference, so we can prepare and plan well. In the event that a pre-conference lab sells out, we may not be able to accommodate your request, but will do our best. Just contact our team.


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#SALT19 is produced by SALT Conferences, a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 9-11, 2019

#SALT19 is produced by SALT Conferences,
a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 9-11, 2019