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DATES: Fall 2017
THEME: For You
LOCATIONS: Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Central TX, & Richmond.

We live in a culture where our voice for what we’re against is louder than the voice of what we’re “for”. What would it look like if those who make Sunday happen, and set the table for our community to experience Jesus, decided to be known more by what we’re “for” than what we’re “against”?

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The leaders and speakers who championed the SALT17 Tour together. Click their picture to view more info and see their classes available on SALT University!

Luke McElroy - SALT Creative Arts Community
Luke McElroy
Andrew Johnston - SALT Creative Arts Community
Andrew Johnston
SALT Conference - Kem Meyer
Kem Meyer
Stephen Brewster - SALT Creative Arts Community
Stephen Brewster
Nick Rivero - SALT Creative Arts Community
Nick Rivero
SALT Conferences - Ryan Leak
Ryan Leak
SALT Conferences - Carl Cartee
Carl Cartee
SALT Conferences - Rich Wilkerson Jr
Rich Wilkerson Jr
SALT Conferences - Propaganda
SALT Conferences - Sarah Linebaugh
Sarah Linebaugh
SALT Conferences - Tim Southwick
Tim Southwick
SALT Conferences - Rachel Lloyd
Rachel Lloyd
SALT Conference 2020

In October, our team is returning to Nashville, TN for the largest Creative Conference ever! With over 40 workshops, 5 main sessions, worship, inspiring atmospheres, and more! We’ll help you learn how to increase the creativity on your team, manage your volunteers better, get more out of your resources and make a bigger impact on your community.