The creative conference
for the church.

SALT Conference • Oct 2020 • Nashville, TN

The creative conference for
the church.

SALT Conference • Oct 2020 • Nashville

Trusted By Experts.

The following churches and brands have trusted SALT as a creative conference for their teams:

North Point Community Church
Saddleback Church
Passion City Church
Church Motion Graphics
Canon Camera Technology
Sony Faith
Center for Church Communication
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Why SALT is the best creative conference for you and your team:

  • 40+ sessions to make you better at what you do!
  • Sessions to help you learn how to develop your most difficult volunteers.
  • Classes that provide a playbook on changing the status quo in your ministry.
  • Main sessions that help you eliminate burnout and increase purpose for your team.
  • Worship environment from world-class worship leaders so you can worship without working.
  • We creatives are a special breed, feel understood and find community at SALT Conference.

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Nashville, TN. October 2020 (Exact dates to be announced soon)

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Previous SALT Conference Speakers & Leaders

2019 Conference Workshops for Creatives:

  • Creative Teams 101: Leaders & Designers Building Together

    Workshop Description: Having led large creative teams, and serving for a decade under other creative leaders, Dex will walk through a process of getting the most out of your creative potential by removing barriers that prevent great execution. This class will help you overcome the tension between senior leadership and the creative doers to build something incredible together!

    Time & Place: Workshop Session B – Student Center 2
    Speaker: Dex Alexander
    Key Topics: Creative Process, Leadership

  • Making Church More Visual

    Workshop Description: Have you ever thought, “There’s got to be a different way to do this?” when it comes to the services and events at your church? Even if you don’t have the power to change your church’s order of worship, this workshop will lead you to discover new ways of helping your congregation and staff engage with the gospel (and each other) using visual learning, perfect for such a time as this!

    Time & Place: Workshop Session C – Student Center 3
    Speaker: Emily Mills
    Key Topics: Creative Process, Leadership

  • The Art of the Interview in Short-Films

    Workshop Description: A great short-film starts with a great script. But what does it look like when a personal story is told in interview format? The best video stories your church will tell come from the people in your community. Gary has interviewed over 100 top athletes and performers, creating short-films with the content results. He’ll help you discover timeless principles and practical processes to capture their best content, all in an interview setting where any subject feels safe, a little anxious, and courageous.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session C – Treehouse 2
    Speaker: Gary Molander
    Key Topics: Storytelling, Creative Process

  • Faithful in the Small

    Workshop Description: Sometimes we can overcomplicate the elements of success in worship. Join Meredith Andrews for a personal perspective on her journey as a worship leader. She will discuss a few of the things she has learned over the years, how to stay faithful to the small things and keep worship at the forefront of your focus.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session C – Chapel
    Speaker: Meredith Andrews
    Key Topics: Worship, Philosophy

  • Sketchup 101: 3D Set & Environment Design

    Workshop Description: Whether it’s a lobby renovation, pop-up volunteer display, or full-blown set design for your next service or camp, designing in a 3D software can make your life way easier to work out the details! However, often software like that is expensive and tough to learn. Nate Griffin has a solution for you! Sketchup. Come learn the basics of this class and the building blocks to making your first 3D design from a guy who’s been doing it for decades.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session E – Student Center 3
    Speaker: Nate Griffin
    Key Topics: Lighting/Stage, Foundations

  • Wayfinding & Signage in the Church

    Workshop Description: Signage is an art; an underappreciated art. But great wayfinding is necessary for a first-time visitor to find their way around your building. Sometimes we forget the best practices of great signage and wayfinding because we’re so familiar with our building. But in this class, we’ll explore new strategies and ideas to increase your wayfinding presence by diving into best practices for church signage.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session D – Treehouse 1
    Speaker: Shayla Kenworthy & Meredith Erwin
    Key Topics: Leadership, Communications

  • Project Management for Events & Special Projects

    Workshop Description: From time to time, your creative team may need to take on a big task from a building campaign to the fall family festival. So we’ve asked an event industry expert and certified meeting manager to break down her team’s process to executing flawless events with ease. You’ll walk away with practical things to manage those event details and ways to save time and money in the process.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session E – Student Center 1
    Speaker: Falon Scott
    Key Topics: Creative Process, Leadership

  • Worship, Work & Idols

    Workshop Description: It’s an odd thing to work in the church because our work and worship are often confused as the same. In this class, we’ll look to scripture to be the guide on how to keep a healthy balance between these things. Failure to do so can tragically cause our work to turn into a golden calf. Your work can (and should) be an act of worship, but it’s unhealthy when your work steals your ability to worship.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session E – Student Center 2
    Speaker: Joel Muddamalle
    Key Topics: Philosophy, Worship

  • Filmmaking PrePro: Concept & Storyboarding

    Workshop Description: Great story starts in the planning phases. In this class we’ll look at the process of storyboarding and the creative process of filmmaking. From creating a mood board for your team, to laying out your stories scene by scene, this can increase clarity on set and help you avoid those problems and setbacks that seem inevitable.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session E – Treehouse 1
    Speaker: Ezra Cohen
    Key Topics: Creative Process, Storytelling

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Nashville, TN – October 2020

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