DATES: October 22-24, 2014
THEME: Collaborative
LOCATION: Brentwood Baptist Church • Nashville, TN

In 2014, the SALT Community gathered again in Nashville, TN as we studied the life and ministry of Nehemiah. As the cupbearer to the king, we are the cup bearer to the King of Kings and God is calling us to collaborate together.

As we rebuild the creative walls of the church, we harness the potential in our calling and the purpose in our preparation.

The leaders and speakers who championed the days of SALT14 together. Simply click their picture to view more info and see their classes available on SALT University!

Glenn Packiam - SALT Community Speaker
Glenn Packiam
Nathan Lagrange - SALT Community Speaker
Nathan LaGrange
David Nasser - Creative Arts Conference
David Nasser
Darren Whitehead - Creative Arts Conference
Darren Whitehead
Luke McElroy - SALT Community Speaker
Luke McElroy
Ken Davis - Creative Arts Conference
Ken Davis
Heidi Petak - Creative Arts Community
Heidi Petak
Van Metschke - SALT Creative Community
Van Metschke
Nick Rivero - SALT Community Speaker
Nick Rivero
Jonathan Malm - SALT Community Speaker
Jonathan Malm
Camron Ware - SALT Community Speaker
Camron Ware
Stephen Proctor - SALT Community Speaker
Stephen Proctor
Jason Dyba - SALT Community Speaker
Jason Dyba
Joe Blair - SALT Community Speaker
Joe Blair
Dennis Choy - Creative Arts Conference
Dennis Choy
Brett Mabury - SALT Community Speaker
Brett Mabury
Marc Shroyer - SALT Community Speaker
Marc Shroyer
Christian Hahn: SALT Conference Speaker
Christian Hahn
Blanca Callahan - Creative Arts Conference
Blanca Callahan
Carl Cartee - Creative Arts Conference
Carl Cartee
Erin Moon - Creative Arts Conference
Erin Moon
Andrew Johnston - Creative Arts Community
Andrew Johnston
Lance Taylor - SALT Creative Conference
Lance Taylor
Jacob Blaze - Creative Arts Community
Jacob Blaze
Brad Weston - Creative Arts Conference
Brad Weston
Evan Bourcier - Creative Arts Community
Evan Bourcier
Stephen Brewster - Creative Arts Community
Stephen Brewster
Joe Cavazos - Creative Arts Community
Joe Cavazos
Jason Norris - Creative Arts Community
Jason Norris
Jason Cole - Creative Arts Community
Jason Cole
Sarah Linebaugh - Creative Arts Community
Sarah Linebaugh
Bradley Hodges - Creative Arts Community
Bradley Hodges
Rob Howard - Creative Arts Community
Rob Howard
Callie Holland - Creative Arts Community
Callie Holland
Luke Irvine - Creative Arts Community
Luke Irvine
Debbie Keough - Creative Arts Community
Debbie Keough
Zac Dixon - Creative Arts Community
Zac Dixon
Adam Dye - Creative Arts Community
Adam Dye
Steve Guthrie - Creative Arts Community
Steve Guthrie
Travis Hawkins - Creative Arts Community
Travis Hawkins
Chris Kinsley - Creative Arts Community
Chris Kinsley
Chris Kulow - Creative Arts Community
Chris Kulow
Seth Conley - Creative Arts Community
Seth Conley
Preston Sharpe - Creative Arts Community
Preston Sharpe
Meredith Andrews

Meredith Andrews is a contemporary Christian music artist, songwriter, and worship leader. She has won two Dove Awards and is the brilliant songwriter behind recognizable worship anthems including “Not For A Moment”, “You’re Not Alone” and “Spirit of the Living God” among others. She and her husband Jacob live in Nashville, TN with their beautiful children.

Vertical Church Band

Vertical Church Band is a contemporary Christian and worship band from Chicago, Illinois as part of the Harvest Bible Chapel. The worship band includes Meredith Andrews, Andi Rozier, Kyle Fredricks, Jon Guerra, Tara Stutes, and Rochelle Burlock. They are signed to Provident Label Group and have released four albums through Essential Records: Live Worship from Vertical Church, Rock Won’t Move, Church Songs, and Frontiers on July 29, 2016.

SALT Conference 2020

In October, our team is returning to Nashville, TN for the largest Creative Conference ever! With over 40 workshops, 5 main sessions, worship, inspiring atmospheres, and more! We’ll help you learn how to increase the creativity on your team, manage your volunteers better, get more out of your resources and make a bigger impact on your community.