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“Why Does Creativity Matter”

God was the first creative so it makes sense that we would want to model God’s plan to enhance all areas of the church.  Creativity can enhance the stories we tell from the Bible, it can enhance Worship and creativity can also be used to overcome many challenges.

“We Design Everything”

From the way a cable is laid to the look and feel of a restroom sign, everything needs design.  Design derives from intentionality.  It is inviting, engaging, compelling and beautiful; all characteristics of our God.  He designed us in even to the tiniest detail therefore we become most like him when we design everything.

“Understanding Color Theory”

Color can change the dynamics of any setting.  For instance how does color invoke emotion or affect mood? This workshops explores the color theory with a color wheel and brings practical examples of how color was used in different settings.

“Fonts, Text and Slide Design”

What font should you use, where should I place them on the slide.  These are very common questions for anyone working with design and font styles.  This workshop explores why font is important, how to use different fonts and what fonts to love and fonts to avoid.  This workshop also covers subjects like tracking, kerning, slide margin and text position on slides.

“Leading Creatives”

When people “own” their roles, great things happen— they give more, they imagine more, and they care more. This session will identify the 5 factors that provide a foundation for accountability. Learn the tips and tactics to transform “hired hands” into true “owners” of vision, challenges, and opportunities at hand while raising their level of commitment and engagement!

“Creating Environments”

Have you ever thought about what visitors, to your church, see when they visit for the first time? Do they feel welcomed, what do they see, what do hear, how do they fill. Stephen Brewster takes you through the 15 steps of creating an irresistible environment.

SALT Conference 2020

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October 2020. Nashville, TN

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Nashville, TN – October 2020