Free Video Shortcuts Bundle

Premiere, Final Cut and iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet (Mac & PC)

Great users of any video editing software find that mastering keyboard shortcuts can make editing a more efficient process, but there are many shortcuts to remember.  This new free resource from SALT, will help you navigate the shortcuts by sending you the free download that will allow you to print a beautiful 1-page document that you can place next to your computer for easy access.

In this bundle you will get access to Premiere, Final Cut and iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet.  Download. Print. Post. It’s that easy!

p.s. This resource includes PC and Mac versions (were applicable)!


To download this free resource from the SALT Community, simply fill out the form below and we’ll email you a link to download this resource immediately. Feel free to share this page (instead of the email you get) to friends or on social media!