The Creative Arts Community.

SALT is a community where you can be connected, be equipped and be inspired in your creative calling.  We don’t see creativity being used as a marketing tool to attract people to a building or a service, but instead as a vehicle for God to communicate powerfully and intimately to His people.

“Our Message is not about ourselves; we’re proclaiming Jesus Christ.  We are messengers… It started when God said, “Light up the darkness!” and our lives filled up with light as we saw and understood God…”



Every Movement has a name, and every name has a meaning. For us, SALT is a reminder of the role creativity plays in the context of the local church. We believe that creativity is a seasoning, it’s not the main course or a substantive side dish because creativity has no nutritional value.

So we add creativity, or salt, to our gatherings, our services, etc to help enhance the very message of our body. That message is the meat, it’s the core and it’s what our world needs most: the Hope of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to join this amazing community. As you do, you’ll capture this vision and see God do amazing things in and through you as a result.


We believe that History is really His Story, as every moment in the bible points to one name: Jesus Christ. It’s not just a good name, it’s the name that brings with it saving power, redemptive beginnings and a wealth of creative potential.

This community believes Colossians when it says Jesus is the reason for our creativity, the origin of our creativity, the purpose toward our creativity and the sustainer through our creativity.

And so the cross isn’t just a picture, but The Picture we view all of our lives through. It’s our hope that we become a community that genuinely places the cross in the middle of every perspective of our life.

His name. His Story.

What The Community Is Saying:


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