The worship conference designed
for the entire creative team.

SALT Conference • Oct 9-11 • Nashville, TN

A worship conference for
the entire team.

SALT Conference • Oct 9-11 • Nashville

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Why SALT is the best worship conference for you and your team:

  • 40+ sessions to make you better at what you do! Even the sound guy 🙂
  • Sessions to help you learn how to develop your most difficult volunteers.
  • Classes that provide a playbook on changing the status quo in your ministry.
  • Main sessions that help you eliminate burnout and increase purpose for your team.
  • Worship environment from world-class worship leaders so you can worship without working.
  • We creatives are a special breed, feel understood and find community at SALT19.

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Nashville, TN. October 9-11, 2019


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SALT19 Conference Speakers & Leaders

Featured Workshops & Sessions for Worship Leaders

  • Songwriting for the Local Community

    Workshop Description: It’s easy to think that worship songs are designed for the whole world! However small “c” church songs are just as powerful as we allow a song to be written to our local context and watch God breathe into it for the big “C” church. With the insights that will be taught from Jacob on the process and best practices of songwriting, you’ll have the step-by-step guide to help you make song-writing in your local community a more regular habit.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session A – Student Center 1
    Speaker: Jacob Sooter
    Key Topics: Worship

  • The Way of Worship (Panel)

    Workshop Description: There are a lot of topics that never get discussed in conference settings, so we called a few different church leaders to discuss the unspoken. We’ll talk about if you should pay musicians, how to run an audition, what the rehearsal process looks like and how to keep consistency with a variety of skill on your team. The churches represented are all from Nashville and you may be surprised by some of their differences!

    Time & Place: Workshop Session B – Student Center 1
    Panel Members: Andrew Holt (The Belonging Co.), Sarah Bible (Church of the City), Mike Grayson ( & Andy Williams (Long Hollow Baptist Church).
    Moderator: Adam Stone (SALT Conferences)
    Key Topics: Worship, Leadership, Volunteers

  • Choosing the Right Microphone

    Workshop Description: In audio, the output is always a reflection of your input. So lets make sure to input the right sound by choosing the right microphone. Come learn from Doug Gould, a veteran audio professional who worked for the leading microphone manufacturer for over a decade, and now spends his time investing in churches all across the world. This will be a beginner friendly class and for those who want to dive deeper into microphone technology.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session B – Treehouse 2
    Speaker: Doug Gould
    Key Topics: Audio/Sound, Foundations

  • Improving Lyrics in Worship

    Workshop Description: Your lyric presentation is a vital part of your worship service, but sometimes we aren’t presenting to the best of our ability or with excellence. This workshop will skip the design and color theory, jumping right into making you and your team more efficient, better organized, and confidently prepared for your services (and save you time!). Everyone will find the information beneficial, no matter what software or hardware you prefer to use.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session C – Treehouse 1
    Speaker: Aaron West
    Key Topics: Projection/Media, Worship

  • Faithful in the Small

    Workshop Description: Sometimes we can overcomplicate the elements of success in worship. Join Meredith Andrews for a personal perspective on her journey as a worship leader. She will discuss a few of the things she has learned over the years, how to stay faithful to the small things and keep worship at the forefront of your focus.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session C – Chapel
    Speaker: Meredith Andrews
    Key Topics: Worship, Philosophy

  • Worship Publishing

    Workshop Description: What does it take to get your church’s original worship songs out there in the world? How do you upload music to Spotify or iTunes? What about Amazon or other online platforms? Wisdom Moon will walk you through the core pieces in the world of music publishing and help you understand the CCLI process, royalties for your musicians, and getting music out there on the leading platforms.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session D – Student Center 3
    Speaker: Wisdom Moon + Adrian Thompson
    Key Topics: Worship

  • Getting a Great Mix Without Expensive Tools

    Workshop Description: How do you get a great mix without a great budget? There’s absolutely a way. In this class we’ll use the Behringer X32 as a way to teach you and your volunteers how to get a great mix regardless of your gear. From pre-amps to bussing, compression to automix, and everything in between, you’ll leave this class with practical tasks to improve your mix, no matter what sound equipment you own.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session D – Student Center 1
    Speaker: Timmy Wagoner
    Key Topics: Audio/Sound

  • Worship, Work & Idols

    Workshop Description: It’s an odd thing to work in the church because our work and worship are often confused as the same. In this class, we’ll look to scripture to be the guide on how to keep a healthy balance between these things. Failure to do so can tragically cause our work to turn into a golden calf. Your work can (and should) be an act of worship, but it’s unhealthy when your work steals your ability to worship.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session E – Student Center 2
    Speaker: Joel Muddamalle
    Key Topics: Philosophy, Worship

  • Using Tracks in Worship

    Workshop Description: A great way to get a more consistent and full sound from your worship band is to use tracks or loops. In this class, we’ll see the impact of incorporating loops, as well as the process and technology behind how to play with them, rehearse with them, and even make new tracks.

    Time & Place: Workshop Session E – Treehouse 4
    Speaker: Jesse Phillips
    Key Topics: Worship, Sound/Audio

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#SALT19 is produced by SALT Conferences, a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 9-11, 2019

#SALT19 is produced by SALT Conferences,
a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 9-11, 2019