WL Resource Bundle

Worship Leader Bundle:

Inside this amazing bundle, exclusively for our Worship Leader community are the  22+ Lyric Templates for ProPresenter (Mac & PC) and MediaShout, the 10-page guide to creating an automated volunteer training, as well as the SALT University class from The Belonging Co’s lead pastors Henry and Alex Seeley on Worship Leading and building teams.

All you have to do is fill out the simple form to the right, and we’ll send you all these goodies right away! For more details on each free resource, see below.

22+ Lyric Templates for Pro & MediaShout

Inside this bundle, you’ll get 22+ Lyric templates for ProPresenter and MediaShout to give your screens and lyrics a bit of a visual lift this week at church! (works for Mac and PC)

Volunteers: Automating Training Step-by-Step Guide

10 pages of in-depth details on how to create a volunteer training program that is seemingly automated. Using this process, you can provide automated and personalized training every week.

“Presence over Presentation”
From Lead Pastors of The Belonging Co. 

Exclusive access to one of the workshops at SALT16 from The Belonging Co’s lead pastors Henry Seeley and Alex Seeley as they talk about their culture and lessons from starting The Belonging Co in Nashville.