It’s that time of year where every radio station becomes a 24/7 playlist of joyful sounds, reminding us that Christmas is nearing. Just the other day I found myself in a conversation about how repetitive Christmas can be this time of year. Since our friends at TripleWide Media have been doing the “Transform Christmas” campaign, helping you keep this amazing holiday season fresh and new, we figured we would help as well! Here’s our list of new worship songs for Christmas 2017 that you may want to incorporate this Christmas season.

Glory In The Highest – Meredith Andrews  

This song has such an easy melody to learn, but accompanies rich lyrics of the Christmas story, which makes it a perfect combination for one of the new worship songs for Christmas this year. This mid-tempo anthem is sure to be one that’s easy to sing along with, and provide that Christmas worship atmosphere. (Plus, we love Meredith at SALT! She led us in worship at SALT14)

Emmanuel (God With Us Forever) – Bryan and Katie Torwalt 

This powerful ballad, on an amazing Christmas album from Bryan and Katie Torwalt, was a must include for our new worship songs for Christmas in 2017. Simple, but powerful. With a very singable chorus. Even if you don’t use this song as a congregational song, it could be an amazing solo during an offering or right after the sermon. (TripleWide also has some media ideas for this song.)

Your Name (Christmas) – Paul Baloche 

Though this song isn’t necessarily new, this version is because Paul so beautifully weaves the Christmas story into the third verse of “Your Name”. What a great way to bring Christmas into your worship moments, by incorporating a song like this during Christmas this year.

Labor of Love – Meredith Andrews

If you can’t tell, we’re big fans of the latest Christmas album from Meredith Andrews! And another favorite is Labor of Love. This powerful song that accompanies a unique perspective from the night Jesus was born, is one to consider this Christmas. It may not be as congregational as you are used to, but could be an incredible special worship song to incorporate. (p.s. here are some great media ideas for this song)

O Come All Ye Faithful – Tenth Avenue North

This fun, upbeat and exciting rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful. What a great song to open up a fun Christmas service, and with the right visual atmosphere, you are likely to get your audience on it’s feet, enjoying the upbeat nature of this song. This is a perfectly fun song for any church that also has some volunteer horn players too!

Make Room – Casting Crowns (featuring Matt Maher)

Lastly, the amazing Casting Crowns and Matt Maher joined forces to bring us a great worship song for Christmas that you should consider putting into your mix this holiday season! With simple, and powerful lyrics, it’s sure to be one that is easy for your congregation to pick up, and help usher in that Christmas spirit.