Do you have your set list for Easter solidified yet?  Easter is just around the corner and with the number of Worship songs available the question is how to narrow that number down.  SALT loves to collaborate!  So we reached out to some of our worship leader friends to come up with this great list of Worship songs for Easter.  In addition, we have collaborated with our friends at TripleWide Media to pull together some media that will go great with our list of songs.  Check it out!

Released:  2016
Album:  Here As In Heaven
Writers:  Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, Wade Joye, Matthews Ntele, Mack Brock

Resurrecting – Elevation Worship

There are a few different versions of this song but our favorite right now is the acoustic version.  In addition, we love this lyric.

“By Your spirit I will rise, From the ashes of defeat, The resurrected King Is resurrecting me”

Released:  2013
Album:  Limitless
Writers:  Planetshakers (various)

The Anthem – Planetshakers

This powerful ballad, was listed in the Top 20 for songs from 2013 and for good reason.  The song is continuing to be sung on a regular basis in churches across the world.  We think bringing in a classic would be a nice mix to the newer Easter offerings.

Released:  2016
Album:  American Prodigal
Writers:  David Crowder and Ed Cash

Forgiven – Crowder

It may not be the first song you think about for Easter but considering the people that are going to be visiting your church on Easter we felt that this song might resonate.  I love this video from David Crowder on the reason for adding this song to American Prodigal.

Released:  2006
Album:  A Greater Song
Writers:  Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown

Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) – Paul Baloche

It is a good idea to add some older classics in the mix and we felt this one was a good choice.  Again, it may not be the first song you think of for Easter but we love the lyric…

Cause when we see You, we find strength to face the day

Released:  2013
Album:  Glorious Ruins
Writers:  Brooke Fraser, Matt Crocker

Man Of Sorrows – Hillsong

We aren’t sure you can do Easter Worship songs without adding a song from Hillsong.  This song embodies the story of the resurrection so well.  I also never get tired of seeing an entire congregation of people erupt in cheers when the we sing

See the stone is rolled away, behold the empty tomb, HALLELUJAH God be praised, He’s risen from the grave

Released:  2017
Album:  Nothing Ordinary
Writers:  Adam Kersh, Brandon Coker, Heath Balltzglier, Paul Taylor

Death Was Arrested – Northpoint InsideOut

Brandon Coker is the drummer and one of the writers and I love what he says about the inspiration for this song.  He found a tombstone that read “Here rests what was mortal of Samuel Burr, age 42. In search of help far from home, death arrested his progress on April 2, 1831. Quietly he fell asleep in the Christian hope of immortality and glory forever.” Here is the full interview with Brandon and Seth.

Released:  2014
Album:  Love Ran Red
Writers:  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Jonas Myrin, Matt Armstrong, Matt Redman

At The Cross (Love Ran Red) – Chris Tomlin

Once again I am not sure it is possible to get through Easter without singing a song from Chris Tomlin.  We have had so many great songs like Good, Good Father or How Great Is Our God.  I am not sure I have ever been able to sing this song without tearing up.  I love the lyric “where your love ran red and my sin washed white.” It is such a beautiful depiction of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

Released:  2017
Album:  Good News
Writers:  Benjamin Hastings, Bryan Fowler, Rend Collective

Rescuer – Rend Collective

This is one of the newest songs on the list but I added it because I felt the gospel groove of the song was a nice change.  I believe it could be a fun one to do with the congregation.  I found this video on the story behind the song and wanted to share with you.  

Released:  2013
Album:  The Rock Won’t Move
Writers:  Benji Cowart, Jacob Sooter, Tyler Miller

I’m Going Free – Vertical Church Band

We chose this song just for the energy that is waged when everyone gets on their feet and sings together.  Songs like this make for a moment and with lyrics like “Hallelujah you threw my shackles in the sea…..Jesus is my liberty, I’m going free.”

Released:  2016
Album:  Let There Be Light
Writers:  Ben Fielding, Brooke Fraser

“What A Beautiful Name” – Hillsong

Again this isn’t your typical Easter song but it is so popular with many people (event those that don’t visit church regularly) that we thought it might be a good addition.  I love this quote from Hillsong regarding this song “To know God and to worship Him (and enjoy him forever) is the most fundamental reason for our existence.”


p.s. – SALT Community created a Worship Songs for Easter Playlist (via Spotify) that contains the songs listed.  Use it as a playlist while you work or use it for Easter Sunday as background music.  Enjoy!