This year SALT has taken a big step and have shifted our efforts from hosting the creative community in Nashville to hosting the creative community in multiple areas outside Nashville.  We are excited about the shift and look forward to getting into different cities and having the opportunity to meet more people in our community.

For the past few years, SALT has been breaking down the pillars of creativity.  This year our theme is “For You.”  What does that mean?  Well too many times, in ministry, we get busy PREPARING for Sunday we forget the WHY for next Sunday.  We want this year’s conference to focus on the processes, practices and the principles that will help your community become a “For You” church.

As a creative community we will explore the different features that make up a Sunday morning, and in a very practical way help and inspire you to become a “For You” church.  Sessions will include keynote speakers, creative moments and resource spotlights that will encourage your creative ministry.  Check out this quick video from founder, Luke McElroy.  Luke will give a quick overview of what to expect at the SALT17 tour this year.  We invite you to join us in one of the 6 cities we are visiting this fall.  I promise you and your team won’t be disappointed.