As worship leaders, pastors, and followers of Jesus, we should be seeking to look like Christ day in and day out.  This also means helping those around us (within our circle of influence) to desire that as well.

I have the privilege of serving on staff as a worship minister in a local church in Illinois.  For the past twelve months, I have found myself feeling like there is more out there then what is offered, seen, and heard during a Sunday morning gathering.  I began asking myself what do the other 167 hours during a week look like in my walk to be more like Jesus?

Recently, I have been seeking spiritual disciplines to add to my life, and my church. A favorite pastor, musician, and author of mine, Aaron Niequist has been someone who in his ministry career has been seeking more as well.  I recently picked up his book,  The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning and it is opening my eyes and ears to seeking out Jesus more fully and it “offers a vision and set of concrete practices for a deeper, more vibrant, beatitude-like faith rooted in sacred memory and holy imagination.”  The book helps explain how we as followers of Jesus can get “swept into God’s redemptive work in our lives and in the world.”

I have outlined 6 practices that I believe will help in the transformative process that will change your life for the better. These can be found multiple places, but a common place for some of these disciplines to practice can be found in Dallas Willard’s The Spirit of the Disciplines and Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline


This is a time spent talking to and listening from God about our relationship with Him, ourselves, and others. Some prayer methods can be, Breath Prayers, The Examen, Praying the Scriptures (Lectio Divina) and many more.


This can be private with you and God, or with trusted individuals. When you become aware of sin in your life, bring it forward and confess to God and to those you may have offended.


This is difficult because it forces you to not receive any self-promotion. It is the practice of serving God without others knowing.


Find a quiet location away from noise and the distractions of this world to hear from God. You should write down your thoughts and impressions and you feel God leading your heart and soul to do so.


This has been one that has been very beneficial for staying connected to God and to allow him to transform me. Find a quiet place, alone, and be still and silent. Listen to Him speak.


Gathering together with other Christians and finding ways to minister and serve others. Encourage one another. Use the time of fellowship to grow together as believers and brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is my prayer and wish that you find yourself seeking after God as much as he seeks you. We are invited into the “Current” and Aaron would say, and participate in the redemptive work of Christ now. Part of it starts with us being transformed into Christ’s likeness.