Thoughts from behind the scenes:

Creating content for creatives comes as a challenge. It pushes a creative to his limits, to think even further outside the box to make something new. That feeling can come in the form of exhaustion, and lead one to feel overwhelmed. It feels like reaching maximum capacity. But, maybe this is how all creatives feel? And, maybe this feeling is nothing new? The story of Ezekiel and the Valley of Dry Bones is a reminder that helped the “script” for this piece come to life.

Here is the finished piece as well as some cool BTS moments from…

Can These Bones Live?
Behind The Scenes: Photos

Photos by Jason Jahnke and Jacqueline Day

Behind The Scenes: Production

The production was shot on an Arri Alexa Mini with Master Anamorphics.

Sam Willey, an incredible Movi operator, operated the camera.

The lighting for the room, where Parker is lying on the floor, was done using an M40 running through the outside window, as well as a Skypanel that was bouncing off the white ceiling. The Skypanel filled in the shadow side, and an Astera tube was used by bouncing it off a wall for a bit of filling.

Side note: someone brought an off-brand Chinese laser which made for some fun during production.

The blackout backdrop scenes were lit using one Astera tube right above. The small black corner was created using 12’x12’ solids.

Two projectors, positioned 90 degrees from one another, were used to create the projection scenes. One was 10k lumens, the other 20k lumens. Hidden in “the clouds” were two Astera tubes that were used to light the fog.


Below is a video shot by Cory Reynolds that shows more behind the scenes content.

Behind The Scenes: Post-Production

With this edit, the content concentrated with textures which made it rich.

16mm Film Grain assets displaced the digital edge of the video. Details Vol I and TXT Animator were used throughout the piece, as well.

A key component of bringing this piece together was the process of using the analog gear and circuit benders (You can learn more about that gear by checking out Masterclass for Tour Visuals and Textures here).

Sound design played a key role in this piece. Edit-wise, this piece was good. However, the layering of SFX brought it together; provided to this in that aspect. The process of editing this portion of the video led to collaborating with some incredibly talented audio guys on some new SFX content.

For more ideas on how to use audio to create the perfect atmosphere, check out this article!


This project couldn’t have been possible or fun without the amazing crew and crew of volunteers that provided to the production and editing of this project.

These are the people who worked from behind the scenes.

Commissioned by SALT Conference

Director | DP | Editor – Ezra Cohen
Executive Producer – Luke McElroy
Production Company | Location – Gear 7
Producer|Gaffer – Kirk Slawek
Key Grip – John Spencer
Steadicam | Jib – Sam Willey
AC – Diego Cacho
Grips – Montez Mickles, Colby Crosby, Jason Jahnke, Jonathan Swinney

Additional Projection Visuals – Jonathan Swinney
BTS Photography – Jacqueline Day, Jason Jahnke
BTS Video – Cory Reynolds

Featuring Parker Forbes
Music – “Firelight/Shadow Camp” by Matt Fax via