I want to invite you to join us in October. This will be a gathering you don’t want to miss. In the few days together we’re going to talk about how the visuals in our worship service can impact our faith. God gave moses explicit detail on how worship should look. Lets explore what that looks like in the 21st century together, in Nashville.

You may be asking yourself, why should I attend SALT? There are a thousand reasons, but here are a few reasons that may help.

1. Learn.
At SALT Nashville, you will have an opportunity to learn about some of the most current tools available to make your Sunday morning worship experiences the best it can be. This will include new tips, tricks, technology, tools and tactics that will help you create contagious visual worship environments.

2. Connect.
This conference will allow you to connect with others who are trying to create visual environments. First, you’ll be able to connect with fellow worship leaders, technical directors, creative pastors, lighting operators, etc and have the ability to meet others who can be a friend and great resource as you’re in the weekly planning and execution.

Second, you’ll connect with an incredible group of leaders and experts in the visual worship space, some working full time at a church and others who have a heart and vision to create products/service for the Church. This group of experts will be teaching breakouts, making themselves available to ask questions and bounce ideas off of all week long!

3. Inspiration.
By attending SALT Nashville we hope you will be inspired. Our hope is that you leave this conference with a new sense of passion and excitement to create, a new desire to explore your gifts as an artist and return home inspired with new ideas to go out and change lives through visuals.

4. Refuel.
With the demands of Sunday always lingering in the background, we hope to provide a space for you to refuel while you’re at SALT Nashville. What does this mean? We’ll have incredible worship, we’ll laugh, we’ll spend time with THE creator looking at what creating looks like. You’ll get a chance to get away and spend time in the great city of Nashville. If you’re a BBQ fan, you’ll be in for a real treat visiting Nashville.

5. Grow
Lastly, by attending this conference we hope to help you grow. First, we hope you will grow as a creative, exploring your God-given gifts and talents. Second, we hope to help you grow your leadership, allowing you to grow your volunteer base, grow your ability to train and grow your ability to lead others. Third, we hope to provide a space to grow in your walk with Christ. Finally we hope you will grow in your ability to create and craft amazing environments for your community to worship in.

So Join us in October as we learn, connect, grow, inspire, refuel and connect with others in the visual worship tribe.