Our Live Events team recently purchased a few pieces of used gear, and in the process I realized that our SALT Community of production and tech teams would benefit from the comprehensive list of used production gear sites. Some of them are a bit more specialized in their offerings (like cameras or lighting) but between the links of used tech / production gear on this list, you should be set to research almost anything needed in the church.

Here’s my only word of caution: be careful when purchasing used equipment. Sometimes you can get a steal of a deal on a great piece of technology, but you may also get a piece of equipment that doesn’t work, or only works for a few months. Sometimes it’s worth the risk, but if it’s a critical piece of gear in a worship environment that you have attendee’s in every week, you may want to avoid used production gear!

Anyway, here’s the list of 13 used production gear / used equipment sites for the church!


UsedLighting.com - Used Production equipment websites

1. UsedLighting.com

This is probably my favorite site (but not the best deals) because it’s a subsidiary of 4Wall, which has a location here in town. They sell off their slightly used lighting and video equipment as a way to provide near-new equipment to their long-term touring and corporate clients. This means you can get near-new equipment at a slight discount. They typically include the original boxes too! WE’ve bought lighting equipment, cables and a few other small pieces here, and personally validate their quality, price and support.

Link: UsedLighting.com



Gear Source - Used Production equipment websites

2. Gear Source

Second to 4Wall’s used production gear website, this is a place our team at Orange Thread LIVE has personally purchased equipment from. They’re a broker, and the seller pays the commission. What that means is that if you wanted to buy (or even sell) gear from someone else, they help navigate the process and become a “middle-man” to ensure payment, and quality of products. They have a wide variety of used production gear too! We purchased mostly video gear, and they shipped us the gear in a way that I trusted it wouldn’t get damaged in transit.

Link: GearSource.com



Media Concepts - Used Production equipment websites

3. Media Concepts

Another great used production gear site to check out is Media Concepts. It’s similar to Gear Source, as it primarily focuses on video, but here you can get a lot of broadcast gear. They operate like a broker firm as well. You’re likely purchasing from an individual or company, but they provide the middle-man service to protect you and ensure your product works as expected before they release money to the seller.

Link: MediaConcepts.tv



BroadcastStore - Used Production equipment websites

4. Broadcast Store

I’ve never personally used this website, but it’s been around for a while and has a ton of great used production equipment for churches and other organizations. It’s a great place to get video stiff, but they occasionally have some studio lighting, tripods, and audio stuff that’s worth taking a look at! This may be a great place to explore if your church is wanting to buy used production gear for a studio, webcasting room or streaming set.

Link: BroadcastStore.com



Production Hub Used Gear - Used Production equipment websites

5. ProductionHub Used Gear

Production Hub is an aggregation site of production companies around the world, and mostly used to find work, crew and vendors if you’re in that world. However, they have a used gear for sale section of their website that may have a few rare finds. Since they’re a good networking site, they have a ton of relationships with production houses that are looking to sell their used equipment.

Link: ProductionHub.com/gear

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Bexel Sales - Used Production equipment websites

6. Bexel Sales

Bexel has been in the equipment sales game for a while and has both new and used equipment. Make sure to be looking on the pre-owned site, and you can find used production gear there. Our live events team has never purchased from them, but there is a good amount of gear on their used equipment and pre-owned gear database.

Link: BexelSales.com



AV Alliance - Used Production equipment websites

7. AV Alliance

These guys are not located in the United States, so buyer beware. However, I saw some decent deals on some high end projectors, large-screen monitors and other pro-AV used equipment that it may be good to use as a resource for pricing, availability and/or if you’re open to international shipping, maybe a place to purchase that used equipment for your church too. WE didn’t want to limit them just because they aren’t in the United States, but you may not find them as beneficial.

Link: AVAlliance.com/buy-used-av-gear/


VER used Gear - Used Production equipment websites

8. VER Used Gear

Another massive video vendor in the United States is VER. They subrent production gear to a ton of production companies around the nation, including us, and put some of their used gear. When you get to their page, scroll down and you can see the various categories of gear. They have stuff in almost every area of production, including LED Walls! (again, beware of used gear)

Link: VER.com/used-gear


Prg Proshop - Used Production equipment websites

9. PRG Pro Shop

VER and PRG are the same company, so there could be overlap in gear here. These also may be very “used” since they are one of the largest gear owners in the world and do massive tours every year. However, that means they may also be a great chance to pick up a deal on some reliable gear if you find something you like. This could help with getting some used gear for that portable church you’re starting, or the youth that does 3-4 camp weeks a year. Regardless, check out the used production equipment at PRG too.

Link: PRG-ProShop.com


Sound Broker - Used Production equipment websites

10. Sound Broker

I’ve put too many video and lighting used equipment resources on this list so far, so it’s time to focus on one that’s a sound-specific used gear website. Sound Broker has a ton of consoles, processors, microphones and even lighting/video products too.

Link: SoundBroker.com

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Solaris Network - Used Production equipment websites

11. Solaris Network

Solaris also sells new and used AV production gear, so make sure you know if it’s new or used. This is a great place to get gear in the southeast because they’re based out of Atlanta, GA. They’ve been buying and selling gear for over two decades, so they know a thing or too also! If you’re looking to sell off some used gear, they may be a good resource for you as well. Their website says they buy used gear, so that means these guys aren’t a broker, and you’re dealign with the person who has that specific piece of used production gear you see on the website.

Link: SolarisNetwork.com


Ebay - Used Production equipment websites

12. Ebay (Obviously)

I can’t do a comprehensive list of used production gear websites without including this one. It’s the OG of used production gear trading posts, and still a place I go to on a regular basis to find gear. I’ve found that Sweetwater has a large collection of used gear that they put on eBay, and make it a reliable place to bid on gear you need.

Link: Ebay.com


Facebook Groups - Used Production equipment websites

13. Facebook Groups

You may not have thought about it, but there are a ton of Facebook Groups that buy, sell and trade used AV or used production equipment. I’ve posted a few links to a few that I’m a part of, and you may easily search “used production equipment” in the Facebook search. I’m not sure if you have any protection or how the money transfer works on Facebook, as I’ve never used it… but check it out, there may be something great! (There’s also a group focused on church’s, so you may be able to know you’re purchasing something from a church and able to help them have some money to put into a new project.)


BONUS: Auction Sites

Lastly, auctions may be a great resource for you to find some incredible deals on used production equipment. I put this as a bonus, and last, because they are tough to come by. In Nashville, it’s a bit easier to learn about a production company that closed up and liquidated their entire production equipment inventory (there were two in the last month alone). Here are a few of the auction sites you may want to explore if you want to use Auctions as a possible resource for used production gear. One note: Auction companies WILL NOT ship gear usually, and they have a very narrow (24-48 hr) window to pick up the equipment in person when the auction concludes. Keep this in mind if you explore this option.

Auction sites:

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