With SALT19 conference just around the corner, our team and speakers have been working hard to create some great content and inspiration for all of you that plan to join us this fall.  That said, we decided to pull some of the best Idea Lab videos from our community so that you can check them all out in one place.  We hope they give you some great “ideas” and inspiration.

Pro-Presenter, A Banana, and a Makey Makey.  

Creating is all about trying new things even if it seems nonsensical or silly.  Sometimes our ideas turn into great “works of art” and other times our creations are just a hot mess.  Check out this fun demo that will give you some technical inspiration and possibly amaze your “techie” friends.

Volunteer Recruitment.  

I see this topic come up on so many facebook pages.  It is a topic that spans all areas of creative ministry….how to get more volunteers, how to keep volunteers, how to appreciate volunteers and the list goes on.  One of our favorite speakers has written a book on the topic and has been coming to SALT for the past 3 years to teach on the topic.  Here she shares her quick 3 minute version on recruiting volunteers.

Easter Stage Design.  

You may not be ready for Easter right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t start “aggregating” ideas….right?  Here is a little show and tell from our friend Joe Blair on how he conceptualized the story of Jesus through visual mediums at his church last year. Check out his process, inspiration, and key story elements that made this idea a reality.

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Doer Vs Leader.  

Are you a leader?  I would say most of us have to put on a leader hat at some point or another.  You could be leading a team of 10 creatives at your church or leading one volunteer during Sunday morning worship.  In either case it is good to understand the difference between doer and leader.  Here SALT speaker, Dr J (as we like to call him), talks about the dynamics of both roles.

Instagram Inspiration.

Inspiration can come from many places.  The easiest place to look can be done in the comfort of your own home as long as you have internet and preferably a phone.  In this video SALT Speaker, Nick Rivero, shares some of his favorite Instagram accounts he looks to for inspiration.