I don’t know where you are in your creative journey right now.  Maybe you are too overwhelmed to really create, maybe your are creating but you don’t feel it’s good enough or maybe you are trying to figure out where you belong.

Sometimes we need to just STOP…. and PRAY.

This talk from Darren Whitehead at SALT16 really hit a chord with our team.  One of my favorite points that Darren made says “I wonder whether we find ourselves in the times we are in where the church has lost its creativity, because it has lost its connection to the creator.”  Do we get too busy or too concerned with the act of creating that we forget why we are creating?  You work behind the scenes at church and and there is a good chance that Sunday mornings are not times of reflection for you.  You are too busy making sure everything runs well.

We find this talk refreshing and thought provoking so I wanted to share it with you.  This talk can also be found on SALT University, our online learning platform, along with practical training classes for all areas of creative church ministry.

I hope you enjoy it.