With Easter lurking before us, we thought it would be fun to do a roundup of all the FREE Easter Motion Backgrounds that are available right now. We’ve done our best to find all the free easter motion backgrounds, but of course we may have missed a few. Feel free to add the ones you found to the comments below. Hopefully this helps as you put together your final prep for Easter Services and use creativity as a vehicle for people to experience Jesus this Easter season.

Without further adu…

Amazing Free Easter Motion Backgrounds:


1. TripleWide Media (3 Free Easter Moving Backgrounds)

Our friends over at TripleWide Media have three Free Easter Motion Backgrounds for you. All of their motions include multiple sizes for all of your screen sizes, so that’s a plus! Click here to check out their Free Easter Motion Backgrounds.

Free Easter Motion backgrounds - TripleWide Media


2. Motion Worship (1 Free Moving Background)

Next, check out Motion Worship. They have a great HD motion background that you can download for free! Check out the details here.

Free Easter Motion backgrounds - Motion Worship


3. Overflow Media Group (3 Free Motions)

Though you’ll have to follow them on social media, there’s three free motion backgrounds waiting for you over at Overflow Media. Click here for those motion backgrounds!

Free Easter Motion backgrounds - Overflow Media Group


4. Creation Swap / Zach Fonville (7 Free backgrounds)

Over at Creation Swap, you won’t want to miss the free motion backgrounds provided from Zach Fonville of Red Ferris wheel. If you don’t already have these, check this link out here.

Free Easter Motion backgrounds - CreationSwap


5. Church Media Drop (3 Easter Motions)

Church Media Drop is a great place to get free ministry resources, but we wanted to highlight the specific free Easter media that they have this week. Check out these links (one, two, three) to get your 3 free motion backgrounds for easter from Church Media drop.

Free Easter Motion backgrounds - Church Media Drop


6. Dan Stevers (Free Good Friday Collection)

Dan Stevers is known for his high quality, thought provoking short films. But he’s got a fantastic freebie for those who need some media for Good Friday. Make sure to check out his collection here.

Free Easter Motion backgrounds - Dan Stevers


7.Floodgate Productions (1 Free Motion Backgrounds + Free Service Pack)

Gary Molander of Floodgate Productions has been a keynote at SALT numerous times, and this year they’re hooking you up with an entire service pack and a free motion background. Just jump over top their site here.

Free Easter Motion Backgrounds - Floodgate


8. twelve:thirty media (1 Free worship intro)

Twelve:Thirty Media has been involved with SALT Community for a few years through their podcast, writing articles for us and being a volunteer at our events. And they love you guys so much that they hooked you up with a free worship intro.


9. Share Faith (5 Free Easter Resources)

Our new friends at Share Faith are giving away a whole bunch of free resources from motion backgrounds, to powerpoint graphics and a lot of other stuff. Check out these great free resources here.

10. Graceway Media (2 Motion Backgrounds & 2 Free Stills)

We just learned that Graceway Media also has some goodies for you, just in time for Easter. These great spring motions and stills may be great to use for Easter. Here are the links: Motion 1, Motion 2, Still 1, Still 2.

That’s all we have for now, but if we find more Free Easter motion backgrounds, we’ll be sure to add them here. If you find any that you think are good, feel free to add them in a comment for everyone to enjoy! We believe in you SALT Community, and want you to have all the resources possible to make a great impact on your community this Easter season.

Also – Don’t forget to checkout the FREE Resources we have available too.

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