This year at SALT19 conference we talked a lot about influence.  We covered everything thing from how YOU were influenced to begin creating to how WE as creators can influence others to lean into their craft.  We also introduced the SALT Community to a person that is using his gifts to influence the lives of children and families.

Matt Meiers, a photographer, began using his gifts by taking pictures of children that were battling cancer and transforming the photographs into whoever and whatever they wanted to be when they grew up.  He then created the non-profit “So Many Angels” and now works with other photographers and editors to create beautiful pictures for families with sick children.

Now Matt is looking for new volunteers that would like to be a part of this organization that can change the lives of these children and their families.  So Many Angels is expanding and they are looking for creators in the areas of photographers and editors.  So if you would like to find a way to use your craft to influence families in a meaningful way then check out this opportunity.