It’s that time of the year again… when all your friends and family are eagerly awaiting your Christmas list, and you have nothing to give them. Right? Have no fear, SALT is here. Our team scoured the web to find some simple and affordable gifts that you can pick up for yourself, put on your Christmas list or just send this link to your family and say “anything here works for me!” The best part? The majority of the Christmas gift ideas are $30 or below, so you won’t be asking anyone to break the bank in order to get you the best Christmas gift.

Also — Don’t forget to check out our SALT Store for all the great gifts, Merch and books specifically for our community and those who belong to the creative and technical community in the church.

If you’re still needing more ideas than we posted here, feel free to check out last year’s Christmas gift ideas!

Vinyl Records - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Vinyl Record Coasters ($6.95)

From a coffee cup to a soda, or even a cup of water… we all need a great coaster on our desk, so why not get this for the music lover on your Christmas list? Vinyl Record coasters are just genius!

Peel and Stick Chalkboard Wallpaper ($12.95)

This is a chalkboard “sticker” essentially that would let you build To-do lists, calendars, or even goal tracking and put it on the wall of your office, conference room, or cubicle wall. If we didn’t have a whiteboard in every office at SALT Headquarters, we’d probably consider these for our entire team!

Chalk Wallpaper - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
Bluetooth Transceiver - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Bluetooth Adapters for AirPods ($20.79)

Apple AirPods seem to be all the rage. And our SALT19 Production Manager gave us this idea with a transceiver that will turn any device into a bluetooth transmitter to your AirPods. So from flying on a plane, to that old MP3 player you have without bluetooth, now you’re set to enjoy music or movies from nearly every device!

Metal Super Hero Bookend ($25.95)

This bookshelf book-end is genius! Using magnets and an angle, it looks like your superhero is holding all your books up. Look at the world different with books that seem to be held up in a different way with this creative Christmas gift idea.

superhero bookshelf holder - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
false shirt for programmers - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Web Programmer shirt ($19.99)

For those in our community that do a lot of web design or computer programming will find a lot of humor in this shirt. We know websites and user interfaces are a key factor in first impressions, so we wanted to make sure you were taken care of in our 2019 Christmas Gift List.

Creative Block Breakthrough Cards ($43)

Great for the leader of other creative team members, this will help in retreats, planning meetings or just a great tool to have when they need to work their creative muscles. Breakthrough that creative block with this game designed to help you see new paths, new options and new creative ideas.

Creative blocks - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
Fired Up Book - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Fired Up: Kindling and Keeping the Spark in Creative Teams ($15)

This book has helped our team increase our own creative alignment, and helped hundreds of others in the SALT Community as they unleash their creative leadership skills! From practical insights to deep leadership principles, this book will be your guide in leading creative teams with better effectiveness and higher output of creativity. Written by our very own SALT Keynote speaker: Dr. Andrew Johnston.

Gold & Silver Playing Cards ($9.99)

Many of those in our community love a good game of Texas Hold’em Poker. So give them a gift that lets them be the fun one in the group who brings 24k Gold looking playing cards! These guys shine and shimmer and will be the talk of poker tables around the country thanks to you.

fancy playing cards - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
Portrait craft printer - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Craft Printer (Silhouette Portrait 2) ($124)

This gift is one of the higher priced items on our Christmas list for Creatives, but is great for that one person on your list who loves crafts and making tangible art. This printer actually prints cuts out custom shapes from a variety of unique materials, giving them endless ideas and options.

Creative Pencil/Pen Holder ($12.99)

Just a little flair on your desk to bring a modern bent to your office space. This cup resembles a 3d printed pen-holder that our own Nick Rivero designed for his desk, and is so stinking cool! (Also, it’s only $13! which means this could be a great stocking stuffer too.)

modern pen holder - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
SALT Yeti Rambler - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

SALT Community “Google” Yeti® Rambler ($30)

We printed these for SALT Conference and had an incredible response. In ministry (and especially those in creative and technical roles) it feels like our job is to just “Google” things for everyone else! This mug will be the best cup for a morning cup of coffee for anyone in our community! (Supplies limited)

Death Star Ice Cube Mold ($11.79)

Star Wars fans unite! These ice cube molds are just amazing. Bring the Death Star to a whole new level while it chills your cup as you watch the new Disney series Mandalorian.

starwars Death Star ice cube mold - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
Bubble Wrapper Wall Calender - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Bubble Wrap Calendar ($25)

If only I had a real reason to pop bubble wrap when I was a kid. Oh wait, now we do! These creative minds have turned the entire 2020 calendar into a wall hanging poster made from Bubble-Wrap! This is amazing and needed for every storyteller, nerd or creative this Christmas.

Side Plug for Mac Computer ($19.95)

IF you use an Apple Computer, like our team does, there are just a few times that your power adapter won’t connect into your wall because there’s not space. This space saver will add a right angle to your Apple Power Adapter, and clean up your space.

right angle apple adapter - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
Mod Notebook Journal - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

SALT “Digital” Notebook ($20)

Writing physical notes, and sketching out ideas on paper is still an overlooked discipline for most creative and technical minds. However, the issue is that we can’t digitally preserve the ideas for future. But now you can! Our Orange SALT Modbook® note books do just this. Each book includes a pre-paid mailing envelope to send your book in and get it digitally preserved forever!

Creative Potential Book ($15)

The four core principles of our SALT vision is rooted in scripture, and the roadmap that our bible gives us to reach our creative potential. A few years ago, I wrote a book to help guide us through those four principles, and help everyone reach their full potential with their God-given gifts. Grab a copy today for that creative on your team who believes there’s a connection between faith and imagination, a balance between our calling and creativity and someone who wants to unleash all that God has in store for their creative and technical abilities!

Creative Potential Book - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
Apple Watch Stand - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Old school Apple Watch stand ($9.99)

IF you have an Apple Watch, this stand is priceless! Go back to the OG Apple Computer with this old-school watch stand. It comes in original beige, and also black!

Movie Lover’s Scratch Off Poster ($17.97)

A well-rounded storyteller is someone who has studied the art of amazing story, and the only real way you can do that is to see the best movies made. This poster makes it easy to track (in a creative way) the best movies ever released. (There are a few different varieties too)

scratch off movie poster - Christmas ideas from SALT Community
mega Sharpie Collection - Christmas ideas from SALT Community

Massive sharpie collection ($84)

We wanted to find a gift that creatives, technicians, nerds and storytellers could all unite by (and if we haven’t found it yet on this list, which we think there are some great possibilities), this will be the one. The worlds largest collection of Sharpies. From fine tip to neon, metallic to chisel and your good ole standard black Sharpie®. Here are 115 of them!

Never Just Another Sunday Hoodie ($40)

Lastly, our best selling product in our store (100+ sold!) is our Circle Hoodie that reads “Never Just Another Sunday” to represent the never ending circle that we face, and the importance to make every Sunday matter to those who attend our gatherings. Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and even 5XL in stock!

SALT Never Just Another Sunday Hoodie

There you go! 20 Christmas gift ideas for creatives, nerds, storytellers and technicians that you can buy your loved ones or add to your own Christmas list! We love Christmas, and it’s such a fun time to give a gift that is cherished and appreciated. Feel free to let us know if you find any other really good ideas!

also – If you want to give the gift of a SALT 2020 Conference Ticket, please reach out to our team and we’ll help make that possible.