We’ve all heard it said… a Picture is worth a 1000 words. Well that’s actually not true, because it’s worth a lot more than that. 3M (yes the company that makes Scotch Tape) recently came out with a study that stated:

we can read information from a picture nearly 60,000 times faster than that of written text.

That’s pretty astonishing when you think about it. I’m not even sure how they study something like that. This, along with countless other reasons, is why visuals have such a tremendous impact in our society and most importantly in out worship services today.

What if you could communicate the Gospel 60,000 times faster?!?

The average pastor spends roughly 20-30 minutes speaking on a Sunday morning. I’m not saying that we need to ditch this entirely, but I do think there’s something to consider in the fact that a visual may be able to communicate in a much quicker timespan. We must balance depth and meaning, but great art is able to captivate both better than words sometimes.

This is more of a challenge than a mandate. How can we begin to make an impact with the art that we create to allow it to transcend words? How can we tell story through environments and settings and reduce the amount of narrative?

These, along with countless other ideas like the speed of information from a picture, are topics and discussions that we would love to have with you at SALT Nashville. There’s something powerful when people from all across the nation gather together and ask deep questions about our art, ministry, calling and journey. Will you join us?