I was talking with Luke the other day about all the great podcasts for creatives that exist today and realized that our SALT Community would benefit by knowing about these great resources. Looking for something to listen to as you drive to and from church every day? Or needing that next spark of insight and inspiration on your next road trip or plane flight? This may help you find some great content that would help creatives.

This isn’t by any means the most comprehensive list of podcasts that exist, but just 10 great podcasts for creatives that our team has discovered. If we missed one you like, leave us a note in the comments (with a link) so everyone else can benefit from that great podcast as well!

Great Podcasts for Creatives - CRTVChurch Podcast
CRTVChurch Podcast

You probably follow these guys on Instagram through their incredible feed of images showing off the quality creativity that is coming out of the church. But did you know they had a podcast? Make sure to check this one out, hosted by Ross Montgomery.

LINKS: iTunes, Sticher, Website

Great Podcasts for Creatives - Church Media Podcast
The Church Media Podcast

Hosted by our good friend Carl Barnhill, this is a great podcast to get tips, tricks and insights on church media topics specifically. From lighting to video, church volunteers to audio and everything in between, make sure to add this to your list of go-to podcasts!

LINKS: iTunes, SticherWebsite

Great Podcasts for Creatives - Pro Church Podcast
Pro Church Podcast with Brady Shearer

Brady Shearer is the host of this gem, and just this year he started uploading a new episode every single day! We don’t know how he does it, but he does! From controversial topics to great quick insights, add this to your daily drive to and from work and enjoy the insights from the Pro Church Podcast.

LINKS: iTunes, SticherWebsite

Great Podcasts for Creatives - CREATE:initiative
The CREATE:initiative Podcast

This launched out of a community in the Oklahoma City / Tulsa area of creatives who meet on a regular basis to encourage, equip and inspire one another. Led by our friend Jayson Evans, one of the hosts of the #SALT17tour, this is a great podcast to hear from leaders in the creative space. This is another great podcast for creatives!

LINKS: iTunes, SticherWebsite

Great Podcasts for Creatives - Hillsong Creative Podcast
Hillsong Creative Podcast

Last fall, Hillsong launched their first podcast and have been sharing insightful stories, process and education in each episode. We recommend listening to the process of how they landed on their album artwork, and you’ll be amazed that even Hillsong has rough days creatively.

LINKS: iTunes, YouTubeWebsite

Great Podcasts for Creatives - Creative Slide
Creative Slide with Jon Acuff

We’re big fans of Jon Acuff. From Stuff Christians Like to Start, Quitter, Do Over and now the New York Times Bestseller, Finish, Jon continues to be an amazing source of inspiration and equipping. Now, he’s got a podcast! And it’s all about creativity. Check it out.

LINKS: iTunes

Great Church Podcasts - Seminary of Hard Knocks
The Seminary of Hard Knocks with Seth Muse

Though this one is a bit newer to our SALT team, Seth has been podcasting very consistently for several years now. From guest interviews, to practical tips and tricks, he’s a must have on our list of great podcasts for creatives!

LINKS: iTunes, Sticher, Website

Great Podcasts for Creatives - The Church Communications Podcast
The Church Communications Podcast

Do you serve in a communications role at your church?  If so, you need to check out this podcast hosted by Katie Allred and Darrel Girardier. In addition, they also started the Communications Facebook group, which has also become a valuable resource to those who serve in church ministry.

LINKS: iTunes, Sticher, Website

Great Podcasts for Creatives - Relevant Podcast
Relevant Podcast

A classic (in our minds) of church creative podcasts you need to listen to. Their fun and fast format make them easy to enjoy and consistent schedule make it easy to stay plugged in.

LINKS: iTunes, Sticher, Website