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Creative Potential (Deluxe)

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This book is for anyone who wants to make more of their creative craft or God-given calling in life! Written by Luke McElroy and published by SALT Conferences. This book is a must have for anyone who is part of SALT Community! This is a Deluxe Package, which includes the digital and physical book, and FREE Shipping to the United States!

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Have you ever found yourself wondering, ‘am I creative enough?’, or ‘where do I go from here?’ You’re not alone. As you’ll read, Elle didn’t think she was creative enough, Gabby didn’t see her creative ability and Luke McElroy hit wall after wall in his own journey of pursuing his God-given calling. Full of insights, inspiration and revelation, Creative Potential explores the process and principles of maximizing your potential in your God-Given calling. 

Included in the book Creative Potential:

  • Story of stepping into your calling covering topics like: “What do to when you know God is calling you to something”, “How to deal with setbacks in your Spiritual and Creative journey”, and “What trusting God for the plan looks like.”
  • The 4 biblical principles of creativity: Uniqueness, Excellence, Collaboration and Contagiousness.
  • Breaking down the things that limit our potential (Including fear, pride, and more)
  • Practical insights on getting more out of your creativity and your creative impact in culture.
  • and much more!

This book is published by SALT Conferences. For questions about discounted bulk purchases, please contact us.


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