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Increase your technical know-how on video and stage design through the SALTu Summer Semester! Through this 9-week course, you’ll go in depth on video technology, set design, projection, multiscreen, LED Strip Tape and more! Over 3 hours of video training included as well as a 60+ page never before released workbook.


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This summer, SALT University is offering a new opportunity to kickstart your creativity, increase your technical know-how and step into your calling with more confidence through the SALT University Summer Semester. Through this 9-week course, you’ll go in depth on video technology, set design, projection, multiscreen and even a few advanced topics like LED Strip Tape! Here are a few of your Summer Semester professors and teachers:

How it Works

The Summer Semester will begin on June 18. Every Monday, you’ll receive an email with the video’s for that week and the pages of the workbook for that week. Each week will have a new topic, and after 9 week’s you’ll have completed the entire summer semester. Don’t worry if you get behind though, you’ll have access to these videos for 6 months after the semester ends to go back and review!

You also don’t need to have a SALT University membership to go through this course. It’s a stand-alone course.


Every week, you’ll receive video teaching (ranging from 10-30 min per week) from one of our qualified and engaging professors at SALT University. By watching these, reading the workbook that comes along with the course, and engaging with the homework, this class will help you immensely as you learn and grow in your craft. Here’s what you can expect as it relates to the Curriculum:

WEEK 1: Foundations & Perspective
WEEK 2: Basic Video Technology
WEEK 3: Slide Design, Color Theory & Fonts
WEEK 4: Environmental Projection & Multiscreen Video
WEEK 5: Stage Design
WEEK 6: Advanced Video Production (LED Walls, Video Servers, etc)
WEEK 7: Do-It-Yourself
WEEK 8: The Maker Movement
WEEK 9: What’s Next for The Church?


Limited Availability

Don’t wait too long to sign up, for two reasons

  1. We are only allowing a limited number of people to go through this initial semester.
  2. Registration closes on June 15.

Purchase today, and we’ll send you information so you’re ready to start learning on June 18!