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SALT Orange Note Book


The Notebook that Digitizes everything for you when you’re done! Read more below, and get a notebook that keeps your focus, but allows for long-term preservation!

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The Mod experience starts with a beautiful notebook as the foundation. When designing our notebooks, we began with a traditional thread bound design. From there we then sprinkled in modern features to make it something you’ll love to carry around everyday.

Step 1

Enjoy your new Mod notebook. Fill it in 2 days or 2 years. We’ll digitize it when you’re ready.

Step 2

Once you’ve filled your notebook, mail it back to us using the pre-paid shipping envelope hidden in the back cover (shipping included).

Step 3

We scan and digitize it for free within 5 days. Have the notebook recycled or returned to you. It’s your choice.

Step 4

Enjoy your notes from anywhere in our beautiful Mod app. Start your next notebook, and let the love continue.


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