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Live Stream Church (Digital)


The Digital copy of Live Stream Church:  The Beginner’s Guide by Luke McElroy, Visionary of SALT Conferences and Dan Almond, Head of Live Events for Orange Thread Media. Download today in two formats: iBooks and PDF (for your computer)

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If you want to go from novice to expert in the world of Live Streaming, you need this e-book!

Live Stream Church is a step-by-step guide to helping you figure out what you need, and the gear to use, in order to start live-streaming your online church services. Here is why this book is well worth your investment:

  • 100+ pages of practical, in-depth, specific advice from a team of authors who have completed countless live streaming environments.
  • Details on each of the 7 core elements of every live streaming setup.
  • Product links, pros and cons, and prices for specific equipment that you need to get going.
  • Identify the most basic streaming setup that may allow you to start live streaming for FREE!
  • Explore the licenses and copyrights needed to broadcast online.
  • An interactive glossary, so you can learn over 100 terms related to the live streaming eco system.
  • Guaranteed to be “Beginner Friendly”!

About the authors:

Luke McElroy and Dan Almond are the team behind Orange Thread LIVE Events, a leader in corporate A/V event production in the Nashville area. Combined, they have over 20 years of experience doing events, streaming and video production. Within this guide, you’ll find their expert insights, their recommended equipment, and insights on some of the most complex parts of live streaming, in a beginner friendly manner.

Buy the Live Stream Church: The Beginner’s Guide today, and start becoming an expert so you can live-stream with ease.

As a bonus, this book starts the discussion on programming suggestions for live events, copyrights, licenses and more to ensure that live streaming is both legal and engaging!

This book is published by SALT Conferences.