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Less Chaos. Less Noise. (Deluxe)


Kem Meyer was with us on the SALT Tour and brought with her this amazing book on the practical side of communications in the church. Check out all the details below. This is a Deluxe book, which includes the digital and physical book, and FREE Shipping to the United States!

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Updated and revised from Kem’s original release Less Clutter, Less Noise. This book is a must have for anyone in church communications as she Saks the question: What if you could cut through the chaos and the noise to find a direct route to your audience? 

In this book, Kem unpacks the proven strategies for communicating effectively with solutions and principles that build trust with your congregation/community. You’ll learn:

  • Quickly establish your expertise through simple techniques you can use right now for easy and early success in church communications.
  • Rise above the overwhelming demands and use the framework in the book to lead internal change. Ultimately getting you to a clear and unified strategy.
  • Overcome communications barriers with your members and your community by learning to connect with hearts and minds, rather than trying to broadcast to the masses.
  • Avoid the frustration of multi-audience messaging by identifying key channels for each group and learning the language that matters to them.
  • Bust through the limits of a small budget with free strategies that are essential for effective communications.


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