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Environmental Projection (Deluxe)

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Author, Luke McElroy, dives into the purpose and process of environmental projection, immersive spaces and sacred atmospheres. This is a Deluxe book, which includes the digital and physical book, and FREE Shipping to the United States!

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8 reviews for Environmental Projection (Deluxe)

  1. Carol M.

    Outstanding review of how art, culture, technology, and faith have merged in worship for centuries, and remains a central part of worship in the 21st century. This in an excellent, easy-to-read book that gives great practical guidance along with interesting stories for how to use environmental projection to enrich worship in a way that engages and immerses the worshipper. I loved the book. Every person in worship arts, including worship leaders and pastors, should join the tech ministry leaders in having this resource on your bookshelf.

  2. Roberto Lopez

    The content of this books shows the passion that Luke has for visual media and especially for visuals used in the church. After reading this even a seasoned visual tech will be inspired and even have a clearer understanding of the great story environmental projection can tell to those that will encounter it. Thank you Luke for putting your passion paper.

    p.s After this one you should look at The Wide Guide

  3. anonymous

    When I was first introduced to the idea of visual worship, more specifically environmental projection, I was a bit skeptical of its place in the church. I can honestly say that Luke opened my eyes to how God reaches people through visuals everywhere. Excited to see where we go from here!

  4. Tim Ottley

    Luke McElroy has written the definitive book on EP. This is the place to start if you are interested in learning about this creative new art form.

    Camron Ware might have invented it. Stephen Proctor might have perfected it. Luke is fueling the environmental projection movement in a way no other is.

    The book breaks down all the elements of EP in a clear an easily understandable way. There simply isn’t a better resource on the subject.

  5. Rhema Word

    It not only helped me to understand better the technology but also explains the relevance of the use of environmental projection in churches today. In a much deeper way, I’ve learned about how we can tell stories of eternal value that will change lives and inspire people to live a more meaningful life through the use of arts and technology.

    “Inspired art and sacred space can invite people who are deep in their walk with God as well as those who have just begun. Art enables us to see the world or a story as the Holy Spirit desires us to.”

    Excerpt From: Luke McElroy. “Environmental Projection.” Orange Thread Media LLC, 2016. iBooks. […]

  6. Aaron Bradley West

    “Environmental Projection by Luke McElroy has become one of my tools in my tool belt as I work with Environmental Projection in my church and at events around the country. Not only does it walk through the practical understanding of what Environmental Projection is, but it also covers the theological understanding and implications of it and how important it can be in the church setting. The best part is Luke takes time to walk through all of the questions you might have about What and Why and How. But, beyond that, it isn’t about just getting started with Environmental – it’s understanding how to continue using and knowing it’s role in your ministry. It’s not about the technology, but the creative art that Environmental Projection allows us enhance our Worship with.

    This book does a great job of covering the gamut of various church sizes without being overly-technical, yet also not being real broad and basic. It is the perfect mesh for those exploring the creative art of Environmental, those that are budgeting to add Environmental, and those that need a spiritual refresher on why they are already doing Environmental. To say I enjoyed this book is an understatement. I learned a lot (and I’ve been doing this for years) but was also challenged in my thinking about making sure I understood the “Why” behind anything I do.”

  7. Bruno

    Great Church Tool.
    Luke is giving a “how-to” to transfrom a Church from a stage centered to a community centered worship using digital media. It is a must read for all Pastors serving in Churches.

  8. Yat-Hin

    I had been blessed by Luke’s book, and it will be one of the key source for my doctoral thesis. I am writing on projection of symbols and imagery for my doctor of worship studies. What you guys are doing is really important!

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