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Interactive Touch Wall - Backstage at SALT16

Backstage: Interactive Touch Wall

In another installment of our "Backstage" series, we go behind the scenes at past SALT Conferences to show off some of the creative installations our team does every year and highlight some of the innovative…
Design & Branding - SALT Backstage

Backstage: Design & Branding

As we've shown before in our backstage series, every little detail matters when we're trying to create atmosphere and affect the moment. But one topic we haven't talked about in this backstage series is the…
Audio and Atmosphere SALT Backstage

Backstage: Audio & Atmosphere

Audio is often overlooked when it comes to discussions around "setting the atmosphere", but truthfully audio is among the most important. But I've often thought that audio teams are a bit like the CIA. Their…
Header for Kinetic Lighting Backstage Series

Backstage: Kinetic Lighting

This past year, we used a fairly new application of LED lighting specifically called Kinetic Lighting. And we thought it would be fun to go a bit behind the scenes in this first part of…
the 10 Churches giving resources away regularly

10 Churches Giving Resources Away

We've told you about our free resources (including templates, stage design details, backstage videos, etc) but now it's time to find out who the churches giving resources away for your benefit are. So we've scoured the…
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