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Personal Growth

Missional Creativity: Your Gifts Can Change The World

Ryan & Kelly Portnoy


    Ever feel lost in how to engage The Great Commission with your creative gift? Are you aware of the number of missionaries who are unable to effectively communicate (through design, storytelling and digital mediums) their calling, their successes and their needs? In this class we’ll explore what the bible says about creative missions, give you insights on how to make the most of your calling and opportunities to partner with missionaries around the world in creative ways!


    1. Learn what the bible says about creative missions.
    2. Gain insights and practical ways to engage your skills to help affect and transform the world for the Kingdom in a way to live more missionally.

More Muscle than Magic: How to Become More Creative

Stephen Brewster


    It’s true, creativity is far more muscle than magic, which means there are a few creative exercises we can do to pump up our creative muscles. Explore the 14 exercises you need to do on a regular basis to get the most out of your creative capacity and become more creative.


    1. Learn 14 practical ways to become more creative. Things you can begin doing right now.
    2. Learn how to break out of any creative slump and regain your edge.
    3. Identify three things that will make you a creative rockstar for you and/or your church.

Fear, Faith and Failure in the Creative Process

Joseph Sojourner


    Is fear something that paralyzes your creativity or is fear something you use as a catalyst of your creative gifts? In this class we’ll look at the creative process and how fear and faith can become activators of the God-given calling within you and help you make more of an impact within your community.


    Coming Soon

Gimme that Napkin… Leadership Coaching with Dr. J

Dr. Andrew Johnston


    Imagine sharing a cup of coffee and conversation with a world-class leadership coach on SALT. The conversation is focused on real world issues, your issues, and you get just the insights and encouragement you need to rise to challenges or step up your game. That’s what this session will be like! Dr J offers personalized tips and tactics in response to your questions in this free-wheeling and practical workshop.


    1. Participants will be encouraged and equipped so they leave with several new strategies to put to work based on the discussion in this workshop setting.

Becoming the Person God Intended You To Be

Emily Cummins


    Every single one of us has been given a God-Given purpose in this life. So why not become the person God intended you to be, by leveraging the gifts, abilities and talents that have been bestowed within you. In this class we’ll look at what the bible says about our identity, calling, purpose and process of becoming.


    1. Discover the secret to knowing who you are and who God designed you to be.
    2. Identify ways to avoid other’s expectations from controlling you.
    3. Gain strategies that help you “go the distance” in your calling and craft.
    4. Find out how to crush the Instagram-scrolling-comparison game once and for all.
    5. Find how to leverage past critiques and failures to become your greatest success.

Biblical Creativity

Joel Muddamalle


    What does the Bible really say about creativity? And how can we use our creative and technical gifts as a vehicle for life change on a regular basis? In this class, we’ll explore together what scripture says and how to apply it to our worlds. Regardless if you’re wanting to learn for yourself, or find insights to bring back to your volunteer or creative team, this class will be great for anyone in the creative class of the church.


    1. See the thread of creativity through scripture
    2. Take the theological foundation of creativity and learn how to apply it to your creative environment
    3. See God’s purposes for creativity in your creative context
    4. Learn how a “theology of creativity” can equip you to magnify the matchless name of Jesus

Avoiding Unrealistic Expectations from Leadership

Jackie Brewster


    Do you ever feel like your boss or pastor has unrealistic expectations for your role or your position? As we walk through the common tendencies that create this, we’ll find helpful ways to avoid this trap, and help you step into the fullness of your true potential in creativity.


    1. Learn how to balance expectations from those you work for, and those who you lead.
    2. Identify tangible ways to create margin in a “Sunday’s Coming” culture.
    3. Learn how to communicate what is needed and expected to those you work with. 

*Workshop Titles & Descriptions are Subject to Change

#SALT18 is produced by SALT Conferences, a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 10-12, 2018

#SALT18 is produced by SALT Conferences,
a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 10-12, 2018