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SALT18 Speakers & Leaders

Chris Durso - Speaker SALT18

Chris Durso
Pastor & Author
Christ Tabernacle NYC

Jeff Henderson - Speaker SALT18

Jeff Henderson
Pastor, Gwinnett Church
Marketing, Chick-Fil-A

Larry Hubatka - Speaker SALT18

Larry Hubatka
Creative Director
Elevation Church

Luke McElroy - SALT18 Speaker

Luke McElroy
Founder, SALT Conference
Author, Creative Potential

The Belonging Co - SALT18 Worship

The Belonging Co
Worship Leaders

Joseph Sojourner - SALT18 Speaker

Joseph Sojourner
Hip-Hop Artist & Speaker
Creative Director, Opposite Entertainment

Mia Fields - SALT18 Speaker

Mia Fieldes
Worship Leader/Songwriter

Henry Seeley - SALT18 Speaker

Henry Seeley
Lead Pastor, The Belonging Co

Brady Shearer - SALT18 Speaker

Brady Shearer
Founder, Pro Church Tools

Kem Meyer - SALT18 Speaker

Kem Meyer
Communication Strategist

Jeff Hampton - SALT18 Speaker

Jeff Hampton
Videographer & Creative Director

JoeAngel Sanchez - SALT18 Speaker

JoeAngel Sanchez
Host, SALT Conferences

Christine Kreisher - SALT18 Speaker

Christine Kreisher
Family & Discipleship Pastor, GT Church

Darrel Giardier - SALT18 Speaker

Darrel Girardier
Communications Director, Brentwood Baptist Church

Dr. Andrew Johnston - SALT18 Speaker

Dr. Andrew Johnston
Author, Leadership Coach

Russ Hall - SALT18 Speaker

Russ Hall
International Television Producer/Director

Kelly Portnoy - SALT18 Speaker

Kelly Portnoy
Co-Founder, The Good Story

Ryan Portnoy - SALT18 Speaker

Ryan Portnoy
Co-Founder, The Good Story

Joel Muddamalle - SALT18 Speakers

Joel Muddamalle
Director of Theology, Proverbs 31

Emily Cummins - SALT18 Speakers

Emily Cummins

Stephen Brewster - SALT18 Speaker

Stephen Brewster
Executive Creative Director, Freedom House Church

Trevor Devage - SALT18 Speakers

Trevor Devage
Pastor, Christ’s Church

Joey Santos - SALT18 Speakers

Joey Santos
Global Integration Pastor, Christ’s Church

Shannon Scott - SALT18 Speaker

Shannon Suzanne Scott
Children’s Pastor, Church Of The City

J. Scott McElroy - SALT18 Speaker

J. Scott McElroy
Author, Creative Church Handbook

David Bonilla - SALT18 Speakers

David Bonilla
Technical Pastor & Production Director

David Mills - SALT18 Speakers

David Mills
Production Technology Director, Fellowship Bible Church

Jackie Brewster - SALT18 Speakers

Jackie Brewster
Creative Director, Freedom House Church

Jeff Abbott - SALT18 Speaker

Jeff Abbott
Service Programming Director, Ada Bible Church

Mike Sessler - SALT18 Speaker

Mike Sessler
Production Specialist

Carl Barnhill - SALT18 Speaker

Carl Barnhill
Founder, Twelve:Thirty Media

Andy Blagg - SALT18 Speaker

Andy Blagg
FOH Engineer & Tour Manager

Stephanie Sohnchen - SALT18 Speaker

Stephanie Sohnchen
Music Publishing & Distribution, The Belonging Co.

Andrew Holt - SALT18 Speaker

Andrew Holt
Worship Leader & Songwriter, The Belonging Co.

Rachel Lloyd - SALT18 Speakers

Rachel Young
Lighting Designer

Dex Alexander - SALT18 Speaker

Dex Alexander
Creative Director, Sandals Church

Nate Smoyer - SALT18 Speaker

Nate Smoyer
Founder/CEO, Real Team Panda

Wisdom Moon - SALT18 Speaker

Wisdom Moon
Director, Integrity Music

Jonathan Malm - SALT18 Speaker

Jonathan Malm
Author & Founder, SundaySocial.tv

Seth Mosley - SALT18 Speaker

Seth Mosley
GRAMMY Awarded Songwriter & Producer

Sean Richardson - SALT18 Speaker

Sean Richardson
Production Manager, The Belonging Co.

Nona Jones - SALT18 Speakers

Nona Jones
Strategic Partner Manager of Communities, Facebook

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#SALT18 is produced by SALT Conferences, a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 10-12, 2018

#SALT18 is produced by SALT Conferences,
a division of Orange Thread Media, LLC.
Nashville, TN – October 10-12, 2018