SALT University


SALT University is an online learning platform used by hundreds of churches and individuals to expand their creative abilities, further their technical knowledge and increase their leadership capacity.

Each of the over 800+ classes offered on SALT University are available at one low annual price or monthly membership. Of course, SALT U is designed with you in mind, allowing you to have easy, simple access anywhere in the world 24/7.

Use SALT on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop and get world-class training at the click of a mouse.

Includes more than 300+ workshops, 60+ keynotes, and 250+ premium classes for technical ministries, church communications, leadership, worship and more. If you’ve always wanted access to the best training content available, TODAY is the day to join SALT University!

SALT University Includes:

  • 900 + learning modules included
    • 300+ Workshops taught at SALT
    • 60+ Keynotes from 8 years of SALT Conferences
    • Backstage discussions with SALT Speakers, Staff and more!
    • 250+ Premium Classes
      • SALT Pre-Conference Sessions
      • SALT Studio Sessions
      • Deep Dives into Audio, Video, Lighting, Worship and more!
  • Team License with 50 logins!
  • 24/7 Access – learn when you’re available!


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